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How do I target my audience?

Our unique distribution network enables you to accurately target your potential customers weekly by postcode sectors, household types or geographical area. We use demographic profiling to ensure your leaflet has the maximum effect and reaches your required audience.

How do I know how many I need?

We can tailor your distribution to your requirements and we offer expert advice in this. Our online quotation system can select the areas you require and instantly calculate the quantity required. Alternatively give us a call to get some advice. Our system can accommodate anything from small leaflets to large brochures and we are able to target quantities from a minimum of 5000.

Can you design and print my leaflet?

Yes we can do both. We can arrange the design of the leaflets through our team of experienced designers or if you have your own leaflets we can cater for distribution only.

What information do I put on the leaflet?

Keep it simple but be individual and different. We offer an excellent design service and expert advice and we can work with your logos, maps and any other specific requirements to provide a professional finished product.

What size should the leaflet be?

Choose the size best relating to your message you want to send out to customers. Our experts will be able to help you make your decision. We always suggest having your leaflet double sided as the cost difference is minimal and you get double the advertising.

Why should I use leaflets to advertise my business?

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